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Carisa Cole Sharrett

“My passion is Fueling Empowered Living in Families of Children with Disabilities or Other Special Needs.”


About Me

Founder/CEO of Bravely Intentional Life | Creator of the Empowered Mom Blueprint | Certified Parent & Caregiver Coach | Serving Families Navigating Disabilities or Other Special Needs

My passion is Fueling Empowered Living in Families of Children with Disabilities or Other Special Needs. What does that mean? Helping them live their lives with courage, intention, connection, and hope as they navigate loving, raising, and caring for their family members.

I am also "Mom" and legal guardian of an adult son with autism and intellectual disability. He teaches me daily that "you are enough" just as you are. That each person in our world is valuable and irreplaceable. That each of us was created to live a life of purpose, meaning, and joy no matter what challenges we face.

To recharge, I'm a movie enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, and baseball lover (Go Yankees and Angels!). Want to connect? Feel free to reach out here or on my website. I love partnering with others who are life-changers!

In addition to being mom to a young man with autism and intellectual disability, I:

  • hold a Masters of Education in Special Education degree from the University of Phoenix,
  • am a Certified Special Needs Life Quality Coach,
  • serve as an Accountability Group Facilitator for the University of Phoenix chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success.
  • am a member of the Leadership Learning Guild for the National Society of Leadership and Success.
  • hold a current K-12 Special Education teaching certification and served as a lead teacher, trainer and district case manager for eight years in both the public and charter school systems.

My List of Podcast Topics:

➡️Behind the Scenes:  My life as Mom, caregiver, advocate, and legal guardian for my son with disabilities.

➡️Empowering Ability: How to best support kids/students with disabilities in pursuing independence and reaching their full potential.

➡️My Resilience Quotient: The twists and turns in life that made me the woman I am today. Highlights include: growing up on a Native American reservation; losing my Mom to a serious brain injury; navigating an interracial marriage and raising biracial men; reinventing myself over and over again in my career; confronting and growing through the addiction of a loved one; becoming a champion for my son with disabilities; facing divorce and the challenges of a broken family; guiding and advocating for my oldest son as he pursued becoming a professional athlete (Drafted to MLB in the 2nd round out of high school); and surviving the “school of hard knocks” during my 8 years in public education.

➡️Becoming Bravely Intentional: My life transformation story and why I chose to help others transform their lives.

➡️Empowered Mom Blueprint: Overview of my cutting edge program for moms of children with disabilities or other special needs to support them in reconnecting with their true selves, restoring clarity to their vision and purpose, redesigning their daily lives to reverse the effects of burnout, reigniting their passions, and reclaiming their hope.

➡️Empowering Moms to Live with Courage: Reflect, Reset, and Reconnect by using life assessment to reflect and reconnect with yourself, grieving your losses, and confronting your biggest critic to overcome fear.

➡️Empowering Moms to Live with Intention: Recharge, Refill, and Restore by envisioning your future to reignite your zest for life, creating an action plan for structure and harmony, and burnout-busting with a comprehensive self-care plan.

➡️Empowering Moms to Live with Connection: Realign, Regroup, and Resecure by effectively communicating with healthy boundaries, building your village of support, and partnering with professionals on your team.

➡️Empowering Moms to Live with Hope: Reclaim, Realize, and Reimagine by leveling-up to expand your capacity to thrive, unlocking the fail-safe formula for hope-filled living, and embracing a future of possibilities.

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