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Bryan Levine

“Co-Founder and CEO at Sock. Experienced entrepreneur and product leader with expertise in fintech, crypto, consumer, and marketplaces.”


About Me

I have spent the last 15+ years in product leadership with a focus on consumer, mobile, and data products. At Sock, I lead all aspects of product management, user experience research, design, and go to market strategy.

Prior to Sock, I was Head of Product at Hipcamp where he helped scale the company from Series A to Series C while growing GMV by > 20X. I led all aspects of the technical teams (Product Management, Design, Engineering, Analytics and Data), and grew the team from ~12 to ~65 people, constantly adjusting processes and operations along the way. In my time at Hipcamp, the company scaled internationally to Canada, Australia, and the UK through acquisition and technical integrations, quadrupled the supply side of the marketplace (hosts), increased search-to- book conversion by over 100%, and scaled growth in the U.S. by over 4X through various growth levers like SEO, lifecycle, and paid marketing.

Prior to Hipcamp, I was Director of Product at Nerdwallet where he worked with his team to bring Nerdwallet’s logged-in consumer products to market grew to over 5M members in the first 2 years. I was hired as the second product person in the company, and created and executed on the strategy to help the company expand their value prop beyond being a transactional content and financial products marketplace to a relationship-based product that brought users back again and again. I founded the team of ~5 that grew to be ~60 people, focused on helping consumers gain financial clarity and improving their financial situations across their credit score, spending habits, and savings.

At Myfitnesspal, I led data products and the core logging experience, helping consumers lose millions of pounds in the process and scaling the company from 15M to 100M + users globally. As a Lead Product Manager, I led the creation of data products that accelerated the core loop of the product (logging your foods) through machine learning and amazing UX, helping to exponentially increase the enterprise value of the company prior to its purchase by UnderArmour for $475M.

I started my career at Zynga where I worked on the payments platform helping game studios drive 10’s of millions in revenue before transitioning to Zynga’s own gaming portal for web and mobile. On the payments team, I created first-in-market products like “starter bundles” that drove millions of dollars in revenue on the first day of launch, and scaled to 10’s of millions across multiple game studios. I also worked on Zynga’s partnership with 7-Eleven, bringing game-cards (pre-paid cards) to stores around the world to drive 100’s of millions in revenue. I later transitioned to Zynga’s gaming portal team, where I led the first third-party game publishing initiatives and established the mobile gaming center team.

Topics for which I would make a great guest:

  • Crypto investing and blockchain technology - see Sock and Nerdwallet
  • Personal finance and investing - see experiences from Nerdwallet and Sock
  • Marketplaces - see Hipcamp and Nerdwallet
  • Entrepreneurship - see Sock and Nerdwallet
  • Founding a tech company - see Sock
  • Hiring and scaling teams - see Hipcamp, Sock, and Nerdwallet
  • Design and UX - see all
  • AI and machine learning - see Sock and Myfitnesspal

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Sock is a mobile finance app that helps people build wealth in the world of digital currency. We provide an instant, trustworthy, and low-cost way to send money, invest, and earn with crypto anywhere in the world while maintaining self-custody.

Profile artwork for Bryan Levine
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