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Brian Asingia

“Author, Advisor & Investor. Author Cashless Society 101 (2021) and The Last Digital Frontier (2019). DreamGalaxy CEO. Boards. @brianasingia”


About Me

BRIAN ASINGIA is the CEO of DreamGalaxy Platform, an innovation studio that trains, advises, and funds ethical entrepreneurial leaders to launch, grow, and scale inclusive innovations. He has over 10 years involvement in the intersection of economy, business development, environment, technology, and the arts, with a focus on Africa. As a global executive, entrepreneur, and thought leader with extensive board and advisory experience, he specializes in leading organizations through critical business stages from incorporation to mergers and IPOs.

Through his work with startups and consulting, he has engaged governments, diplomats, educational institutions, and programs like Creative Lab Paris, Traction Camp by the World Bank, TED Residency by TED, and Entrepreneurs for Impact

MBA by ALTIS, Milan (Tangaza University Business Model Winner 2016). While doing this work, he noticed that people are hired in technology companies without understanding the ethical and moral consequences of the increasingly complex and automated systems they design and operate. As a result, Brian was inspired to think about the intersection of ethics and technology in today’s world and the future, which led to his writing Cashless Society 101.

Originally from Uganda, East Africa, Brian spends time writing sci-fi, listening to live jazz, swing and salsa dancing as well as hiking and cooking with his life partner in New York City, the city of dreams.

For more information, you can connect with Brian Asingia at [email protected] and @brianasingia on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Profile artwork for Brian Asingia
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