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Brent Miller

“I’m a self-published author of paranormal fantasy books.”


About Me

My name is Brent Miller, and I’ve been writing since I was thirteen. I published my first book at sixteen, and have continued since. Now, I have ten books available on Amazon and I’m continuing to write more.

During college I practiced martial arts and earned my blackbelt in Tang Soo Do. I studied engineering, and I’m an engineering project manager now after a few years as a mechanical engineer. This technical knowledge reinforces my writing and helps me give life to my characters.

I’d love to be able to be a full-time author someday, and discussing my passion for storytelling is a great step in that journey. Whether that’s my stories or stories of authors I respect, I’d be honored to take part in podcasts and connect with readers or people interested!

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Profile artwork for Brent Miller
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