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Bradley Vinson

“Grief educator, minister, & fire and police chaplain. Dedicated to serving the grieving community, and those caring for them.”


About Me

Bradley Vinson, The GRIEVE Coach Devoted husband to my better two-thirds, a loving father of three, and a proud grandfather of five, his life's path took a profound turn following a life-altering event - the tragic loss of my 4-year-old granddaughter, Alanna. This heart-wrenching experience reshaped the trajectory of my ministry, leading me into the service of those burdened by grief.

A passionate keynote speaker and trainer, I delve into a wide spectrum of grief-related topics, including self-care, the distinct challenges faced by grieving grandparents, men's grief, couples' grief, and the vital components of bereavement care. I am also The creator of 'The GRIEVE Method(TM),' a comprehensive toolkit designed to assist those navigating the journey of grief with practical action steps.

Beyond speaking engagements and training, I have authored numerous books and articles on biblical, spiritual, and grief-related subjects. My role as a Fire and Police Chaplain and minister involves training and serving alongside and for those who stand with us in our most vulnerable moments. I also serve with organizations like Grief and Faith, Camp Agape, Texas Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, and Compassionate Friends. I'm committed to supporting and healing the grieving community with compassion and dedication to those in need.

Target Audience:
My expertise primarily caters to individuals and communities navigating grief, be it churches, workplaces, men, couples, grandparents, or parents seeking solace and understanding amidst life’s adversities. I am well-versed in the unique challenges that each faces on their journey through loss and healing.

Achievements: Over my nearly 10-year career in grief education and ministry, I've:

• Established "The GRIEVE Coach" brand within the community, becoming a sought-after speaker, teacher, and coach, helping the bereaved navigate the journey of grief with Biblical wisdom and practical tools. 

• Become a certified professional in Suicide Prevention, Critical Incident Stress Management (individual and group), NLP techniques amongst others, enhancing my capacity to offer pivotal support during the most critical moments of loss and hopelessness.

• Developed and honed “The GRIEVE Method”, a comprehensive approach that combines Biblical wisdom with practical tools to guide individuals through their grief journey, providing essential support during difficult times of loss and healing.

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The GRIEVE Coach

Welcome to a space of hope and healing. If you're journeying through grief or supporting someone who is, you've found a community anchored in faith. This channel is led by me, Bradley Vinson, an experienced chaplain, minister, and advocate, offering Biblical Wisdom for Your Grief Journey. 🙏 What to Expect? Practical & Faith-Based Coping Strategies Comforting Guidance for your faith journey Content to encourage the faith & non-faith community ✨ Why 'Biblical' Wisdom? I believe the Bible isn't just a book; it's a living guide that has provided solace and strength. Grieving is a path to spiritual maturation, and this channel aims to walk that path with you. 💌 Share & Support Hit the 'Subscribe' button to not miss any content. If this channel resonates with you, consider sharing it with others who could benefit from Biblical guidance and a supportive community during their time of grief. For more resources, visit #GoodGrief #HealingSpace #theGRIEVEcoach

Profile artwork for Bradley Vinson
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