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Bradley Farquhar

“Swimming the English Channel, summiting Denali, running 250-mile across the Sahara Desert, racing in the Iditarod is all just the warm up.”


About Me

As a 2008 graduate of SMU in Nova Scotia, I carry a deep-seated passion for space exploration and a dream to become an astronaut. Alongside this, I proudly own and manage Purple Cow Internet, a thriving Internet Service Provider. My vision for the future is bold and ambitious, encompassing the construction of Space Habitats orbiting Earth, providing incredible experiences with stunning views of our planet.

Physically, I am dedicated to athletic excellence with my sights set on competing in the Olympics. My journey so far has been marked by the achievements of: swimming across the English Channel, summiting Denali, enduring a grueling 250-mile run across the Sahara Desert, braving the harsh conditions of the Iditarod with a team of 14 dogs over a thousand miles, and recently, emerging as the champion of CBC's new reality TV sensation, Canada's Ultimate Challenge.

I hold a firm belief that the greatest accomplishments of my life are still ahead. Every step forward fuels my determination to reach new heights and make a significant impact in every endeavor I pursue.

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My Story Iditarod path

This is a story of how life always works out. I am dog sledding in Alaska to compete in the Iditarod.

Profile artwork for Bradley Farquhar
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