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Boruch Akbosh

“Strategic Transactions, Expert Valuations, and Tailored Advice for Profitable Acquisitions and Sales of Small to Mid-Sized Companies.”


About Me

I'm Boruch Akbosh, the driving force behind Akbosh Investment Group, Inc. My professional journey began as a Web Developer, evolving over 15 years into the realms of Marketing and Lead Generation. Eight years on, I've evolved to focus on what I do best: maximizing the value of small-to-midsize businesses through strategic acquisitions. My expertise is deeply rooted in understanding the critical synergy between People, Processes, and Technology, making me your ideal partner in driving business success.

As an Acquisitions Advisor, I specialize in the ethical and profitable transitioning of businesses for owners aiming to retire or sell. I take pride in preserving team integrity and instilling long-term value during these transitions, ensuring a seamless changeover that respects the legacy you've built.

Areas of Expertise:

• Business Acquisition and Strategic Exit Planning

• Turnaround Strategies and Revenue Optimization

• Cost Management and Efficiency Improvements

• Strategic Planning and Business Process Re-engineering

• Organizational Change and Development

Target Businesses:

• Home Services: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest Control, Trash Removal, etc.

• Technology and Business Services: Specializing in SaaS Models

Why Partner with Me?

• Deep Market Insight: Leverage my extensive experience in growing and leading businesses to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your sale.

• Tailored Transition Strategies: Benefit from customized exit strategies designed to maximize your financial returns while minimizing operational disruptions.

• Ethical and Confidential Transactions: Count on a process that upholds the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

I am actively seeking opportunities with businesses that have:

• A top-line revenue of $1M-$10M

• Potential for operational improvement and scaling

• An interest in exploring joint ventures or strategic equity partnerships

Ideal for Business Owners Who Are:

• Considering retirement and seeking a trusted advisor to manage the sale

• Facing burnout or growth challenges and need strategic guidance

• Experiencing high employee turnover and require organizational change

• Interested in repositioning their business for future growth or sale

If you're planning to transition from your business and wish to see it thrive under new ownership, I invite you to connect. Let’s discuss how we can secure the best possible future for the business you've worked so hard to build.

Schedule a discovery call with me today at to explore the potential for your business.

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