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Bonnie Mauldin

“I'm an entrepreneur, investor, and television producer in Atlanta, GA.”


About Me

Bonnie Mauldin is indeed a prodigy. She is a successful author, professional speaker, and top marketing consultant. Today, Bonnie provides clients with marketing, coaching, and speaking services. Her book, “Business Development Training 101”, helps readers learn how to accomplish their business goals. Bonnie’s podcast, “From The Bottom To The Top”, provides listeners with the tools to bring their business success by using proven sales, marketing, and productivity tactics to their advantage.

Her motto, “from the bottom to the top”, exemplifies her humble beginnings. She grew up in a neighborhood with poverty, drug use, crime, and gang violence. However, she did not let her environment define her life. She worked hard in school and multiple jobs to fight her way out of poverty. Bonnie gained a full academic scholarship at Wayne State University to study Clinical Laboratory Science. During her work at a major hospital as a surgical assistant, Bonnie wanted to garner a more significant impact on others. She left her career in medicine to start a full-service digital marketing agency.

Bonnie has been hard at work coaching small business owners in the healthcare, education, senior living, construction, and manufacturing industries to develop strong businesses.

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Profile artwork for Bonnie Mauldin
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