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Bobby Click

“Championing Safety and Empowerment: Expert in Response and Prevention of Abuse in Sports and Youth-Serving Organizations”


About Me

Empowering Youth and Creating Safety in Sports and Youth Serving Organizations: Bobby Click, a seasoned professional with a legal background, has amassed extensive experience in sports and youth safety. As the former Vice President of Response & Resolution at the US Center for SafeSport, Bobby played a pivotal role in safeguarding millions of athletes in the US Olympic Movement. His legal expertise enriched the organization's mission to prevent abuse in sports.

With a law license augmenting his skill set, Bobby Click is renowned for his expertise in responding to and preventing abuse in sports and youth-serving organizations. His dynamic presentations make him a sought-after authority, disseminating crucial insights on safety and the creation of secure environments within the sports and youth serving community.

Bobby's impactful contributions at the US Center for SafeSport include overseeing numerous investigations, providing him with hands-on experience and a profound understanding of the intricate issues surrounding misconduct and abuse in sports. His unwavering dedication to justice and has indelibly shaped the landscape of sports safety, solidifying Bobby Click as a leading expert in the field.

With an impressive track record, Bobby Click has delivered over 100 trainings and engaging live/virtual presentations. His expertise in responding to and preventing abuse in sports and youth-serving organizations has garnered widespread recognition, leading to interviews by local, national, and international news providers. Bobby's wealth of experience, coupled with his dynamic speaking engagements, not only reflects his commitment to raising awareness but also positions him as a trusted and sought-after authority in the critical realm of sports safety

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Profile artwork for Bobby Click
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