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Bob Thibodeau

“When you are forced to "start over," What do you do? Where do you turn? I've lived that life. My story helps others to navigate that path.”


About Me

Robert Thibodeau is a 12 year US Army veteran, serving as both enlisted and as commissioned Cavalry Officer. His now a retired law enforcement supervisor and has been an entrepreneur and an ordained minister since 1999.

After his retirement from law enforcement, he started a radio program and was on nationwide AM radio after only six months. He is the founder of “Evangelism Radio” (online Christian radio station that has been rated #1 in the world by Shoutcast. com), the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast and also the Christian podcast hosting platform, “” 

His story begins after finding his successful military career completed and having nothing to fall back on. Struggling with insurance sales. Struggling to make ends meet. He decided the only thing he could do to provide for his family was - suicide.

The Lord made a miraculous intervention in his life and things got "slightly better."

But the struggles continued. This time though, he navigated the waters instead of drowning in the water.

A successful law enforcement career was suddenly ended in a freak incident while working an accident scene on the highway. This injury ended in him being forced to retire.

Unable to walk or stand more than a few minutes at a time, he started the online ministry for which he is known today.

After more than 30 medical procedures, he is now able to walk and jog short distances, but his running days are over.

Now, he helps others who are facing the uncertainty of how to start over when it seems all hell has come against them.

By using podcasting and online radio, he helps others to share their stories and encourage others. Through his ministry, he helps other Christians to share the Gospel around the world.

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Profile artwork for Bob Thibodeau
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