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Black Women

“We are 3 black authors and women activists.”


About Me

We are 3 black women based in Africa and we just released our first book on Amazon titled "Black Women Shaping The World: Across Continents, Across Time." The book looks back at three historical moments in the struggle for black freedom through the lens of the portraits of 10 women activists, symbols of thousands of other women, who by their actions, changed and impacted the course of history during:

  • The struggle for civil liberties and African independence, 
  • The fight against apartheid, and 
  • The recent movements for human dignity and against police brutality: Black Lives Matter and EndSars.

Women featured in the book are from Africa, the USA, and the Caribbean. We want to get on various shows to talk about this inspirational book, share the experience of our activism, or talk on topics linked to gender, diversity&Inclusion, and women's leadership.

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Profile artwork for Black Women
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