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BIG Ben Kennedy

“Co-host of a YouTube trivia show to unlock doors containing snacks of tasty treats or disgusting eats! I’ve definitely eaten bugs.”


About Me

In addition to stories about my show, I also have a lot of stories of being a stand-up comedian and a lot of stories about being a paramedic. I also am very candid on my own podcast about living with depression. I always speak with passion and a great deal of humor. I have a clear, easy to understand baritone voice, and audiences on the stage and my podcast seem to instantly connect with me.

I have a set up with an HD camera and studio microphone and am available for both audio and video broadcasts.

Book me and you will not be disappointed!

Discover More

Welcome to Snackin’ & Yakkin’!! - Snackin' & Yakkin'

Get ready for a hilarious showdown as comedians Big Ike Smalls and Big Ben Kennedy go head-to-head in a trivia battle for the keys to unlock doors containing snacks! Will it be tasty treats or disgusting eats? Who will control the fate of the snacker? Join us for laughter, suspense, and a taste bud rollercoaster

Profile artwork for BIG Ben Kennedy
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