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Bernard Chong

“An angel investor and entrepreneur with a billion-dollar portfolio, Chong is renowned for founding the Bren Esports organization.”


About Me

Bernard Lu Chong is a savvy investor and serial entrepreneur whose billion-dollar portfolio ranges from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to angel investments in tech startups, retail, real estate, entertainment and food and beverage. Armed with an immense passion for intellectual growth, Chong achieved an Electronics Computer Engineering degree from the prestigious La Salle University in Manila. Chong prides himself as a lifelong student and avid reader. A natural businessman, in grade school he was already selling the products of his family’s shoe business. While at University, he ventured into entrepreneurship through several businesses, initially honing his sales and distribution knowledge in the recycling industry. After finishing his studies, he took over the family business and transformed it into the leading footwear brand in the Philippines, World Balance. During this time, he began diversifying his portfolio with several other investments. Chong has stakes in animation – ASI Studios; radio and communications - Energy FM; F&B – Tim Hortons/Kko Kko; entertainment – RKB Productions; IT – Thirty One Digital/; in the Esports Industry, BrenPro Inc. and many more companies.

As an investor in multiple start-ups around the globe, Chong is world-renowned for founding the award-winning Bren Esports (now APBren) organization in 2017 and his investment in the expansion of the Canadian Tim Horton’s coffee brand in the Philippines. Bren's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team achieved a historic win as the first Philippine team to win the M-series World Championship title. Chong is preparing for the launch of several new ventures such as Mendo Coffee Company’s U.S. expansion, a new platform mobile app, housing developments in Panama, the BrenNetwork investment fund and a global education-focused non-profit, BrenSEED Foundation.

Contact: [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Bernard Chong
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