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Ben Walker-Storey

“Ben Walker-Storey is an illustrator who's been at it since the boom. Cheap Chills is his animated web series and upcoming podcast.”


About Me

Ben Walker-Storey is a seasoned (AKA middle-aged) creator and Illustrator. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Creator of Cheap Chills, a brand and animated web series all about classic monsters, costumed creeps, B Horror movies and general schlock, with 75K followers on Instagram.
  • The Cheap Chills Podcast returns June 24, 2024!
  • Ben has slef-published 3 coloring books: Monster Funk, Let's Draw Goths and Costume & Mask a Halloween Memories coloring book.
  • Illustration clients include Gigantic Brewing, Yahoo! Cobb's Comedy Club and lots of his (and America's) favorite comedians.
  • Ben just released his 3rd collection of digital brushes. Goth Boy Fashion Studio lets artists create, decorate, accessorize post-punk fashion designs and oddball characters.

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Roman Candelabrä

Roman Candelabrä (aka Ben Walker-Storey) is a self-employed illustrator, animator and digital designer. He hosts "draw with me" sessions like Let's Draw Goths and will be posting more videos on drawing and illustration.

Profile artwork for Ben Walker-Storey
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