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Ben Harrison

“Couple inspired by son's rare disorder launch Jonas Paul providing stylish kids glasses & impacting 1M+children through Buy Sight Give Sight”


About Me

Our story begins with Jonas

Having a child with difference inspired us to make a world of difference.

Born with a rare disorder known as Peter’s Anomaly our son, Jonas, gave us a window into the world of blindness. Twenty-one surgeries and many prayers later, his vision has been restored to a functional level. However, this blessing came with new challenges; one of them was finding glasses he could feel great in. After our search came up empty, we launched Jonas Paul Eyewear.

Initially self-funded in 2013 by the husband and wife duo (Ben and Laura Harrison) operating out of a damp Michigan basement, Jonas Paul has increased its value by a multiple of 20 times. Jonas Paul serves customers through a direct to consumer model (with an in house optical lab) and also partners with national chains such as Walmart Vision Centers, Eyeglass World, America’s Best, Eyemart Express, and BJs Wholesale among others.

Jonas Paul's success goes beyond financial growth. Through their "Buy Sight Give Sight" program, the company focuses on preventing blindness and has been able to impact over 1,094,703+ children. This program provides access to prescription glasses, vitamin A supplementation, antibiotics and hygiene education to children in under-resourced communities around the world.

Profile artwork for Ben Harrison
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