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Barbora Kalinova

“Help soul-aligned clients create what they came here to create and live a life of magic in a simple yet effective systematic way that is fun”


About Me

I was the person who was very much a DOER and rational mind was my way of BEING.

I became a REIKI master decades ago and was intriqued but did not see or feel much (unlike my horses who felt a lot).

I could not meditate or sit still and just the mere suggestion gave me chills (not the good kind).

I could not visualize for the life of me. Ever.

No matter how much I accomplished (Stanford Graduate School), I constantly worked on self-confidence as I did not have any (mostly without any success).

No matter how many hours I worked (and I worked all the time) or how many times I pivoted to adjust to the “signs” – money was up and down, mostly down, and when it came it almost burned me out and it left even faster than it arrived.

The more self-development work I did, the more I felt I needed to do.

The more courses/programs/certifications I took, the more I wanted to take or thought I needed to take.

And so on… (I think you get the idea LOL).

I’ve even had high ticket coaches tell me they did not know what else to do with me – after 6 months of work…

I’m sharing all of this with you to bring forth one simple point:

If I can do it, so can you!

So matter where you are in your beautiful journey.

And no matter how has your journey looked like or felt like until now…

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

You got ready through your learning phase and now it is time for you to enter the Legacy phase.

And that is beautiful and heartwarming and filled with flow and abundance.

Now, I have fun with my non-physical guides and always receive the next steps.

I get “proof in the physical” in the most amazing ways all the time – my team has a great sense of humor and it lights me up every time.

I have more money than ever before and it comes to me in ways that I would never have expected.

I channel unique to me energy stream for my work that is creating miracles for others.

I live and create my Legacy with natural self-confidence, joy and a profound inner peace and connection to all there is.

I finally found a sense of inner freedom and flow…

There is something so magical about tapping into our own Legacy.

It is almost like everything finally clicks, like all the pieces come together and from the pile of pieces that were all over the place and overwhelming, arises a beautiful masterpiece radiating so much harmony…

Again, if I can do it, so can you!

Help soul-aligned clients become Masters of Their Vibrational World so they can access their Legacy Energies, create what they came here to create, and live a life of magic while here in the human body – in a simple yet effective systematic way that is fun (Aligned Superhuman – Legacy Course on

Help humans on this planet harmonize their vibrations and the vibrations of their loved ones in their environment so it heals them and through them it heals the planet and the nature and animals in it – through encoded energetics in photography art (

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Energy Alchemist/Healer/Guide

Profile artwork for Barbora Kalinova
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