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Azdean Elmoustaquim

“Learn about the culture, history and practicalities of travelling around Morocco with me, the host of Destination Morocco podcast.”


About Me

Greetings, my name is Azeddine (Azdean) Elmoustaquim, host of the Destination Morocco podcast and head of the Destination Morocco tour company.

In addition to inviting guests on my own show to share their travel stories and insight about Morocco, I am always keen to be a guest myself on other podcasts. I can help you and your listeners discover my beautiful homeland, answer your questions and bring lots of useful, practical information.

I was born in the Imperial city of Marrakech, and am a true Moroccan, with my ancestors hailing from a small Berber village roughly 100 km SE of Marrakech called Telouet, Ouarzazate.

After completing my schooling in Marrakech, I moved to the US and attended Texas Southern University in Houston, where I still live today with my wife and our son Imran. I have pursued a fulfilling carrier in the hospitality industry for the past 25 years.

In the midst of all of this, the native Berber in me kept resurfacing. Visits to my hometown, seeing friends and relatives, meeting my old school buddies in the alleyways and savouring the vibrant city over a cup of mint tea, made me nostalgic and wanting to share this feeling and astounding place with others.

Back in the US, I decided I wanted to showcase the beauty of this northwest African country to the rest of the world, and with an aim to offer the best of Morocco, in 2016 my wife and I co-founded Destination Morocco.

In early 2022, we launched our Destination Morocco podcast, the first podcast dedicated to travel in Morocco, and it has been a wonderful and resounding success. We have used the platform to profile our guests, educating listeners from all over the world and have helped people travel to Morocco who may not have had the chance or determination otherwise.

I am excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you and your listeners, and as a podcaster myself I understand the value of the platform and the importance of delivering value and quality. I podcast from my own home studio, with a professional setup of quality microphones, soundproof walls and dynamic lighting, should you want to add video.

I look forward to connecting and exploring how to best serve your audience and bring them a step closer to visiting Morocco themselves.

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Profile artwork for Azdean Elmoustaquim
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