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Ayman Samman

“An Egyptian-American award winning filmmaker, actor, producer. He appeared in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper and many primetime TV shows.”


About Me

An award winning filmmaker, producer based in Hollywood.

Ayman Samman was born in Cairo, Egypt. After earning a degree in Egyptology and fronting one of the very first Heavy Metal bands in Egypt, he moved to Chicago and pursued a career in music. While in Chicago he fell in love with acting and studied and performed with Chicago's best.

He lives in Los Angeles as a full time actor, writer and director. As a fluent speaker of both Arabic and English, he is able to portray a vast range of characters. Ayman's first major film role was in the Clint Eastwood's Oscar nominated blockbuster film, American Sniper, where he shared the memorable dinner scene with Bradley Cooper.

He can also be seen in his guest starring and recurring roles on Primetime network shows like Blindspot, NCIS: Los Angeles, Scandal, Madam Secretary, The Looming Tower, NICS: New Orleans.

Ayman's latest dramatic short film, Jumper was a finalist in Cannes 2019. He's currently in production of the animated comedy series, Momo's Amerika, 

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Profile artwork for Ayman Samman
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