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Avigail Gimpel

“I'm A mom of six rock star kids, most diagnosed with ADHD. I'm a college lecturer, speaker, and author. I live ADHD, parenting, education.”


About Me

 I'm a mom and educator who has earned my stripes! As my students grappled with ADHD symptoms and my own children were diagnosed with ADHD, I took a deep dive into the research (turning up unexpected results), studied and applied the best programs available, and developed many of my own. HyperHealing is the result of over twenty-five years of research, development, and application of cutting-edge intervention programs for my clients, children, and hundreds of students.  Let's have a fun, inspiring, and educational conversation. Your audience will gain hands-on skills and information they have never heard before.

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Profile artwork for Avigail Gimpel
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