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Avantika Bharad

“As a mental health advocate living with Bipolar Disorder type 2, I strive to make people feel less alone through my podcast Beautiful You.”


About Me

I am a Psychology major and a mental health advocate. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 2 when I was 17. I strongly believe in not letting your diagnosis define you or limit your potential. Understanding the importance of self compassion from an early age on, I was able to manage my disorder without any caregivers. With the right treatment plan, I have been managing it well.

I would be interested to speak on the following topics :

  • Managing Bipolar
  • Managing Bipolar with college and podcast (essentially entrepreneurship)
  • Importance of self compassion
  • Importance of peer support
  • Self improvement
  • Dating and Bipolar
  • And way more!

Discover More

Beautiful You Podcast

Listen to Beautiful You Podcast on Spotify. Beautiful You is a Mental Wellness Podcast run by Avantika. We release biweekly episodes, and some with guests from across the globe. We talk about our mental health journeys, delve into niche topics regarding mental wellness and how we can be a better version of ourselves and so much more! From personal experiences to researched expert advice, we got it all! We hope that through our podcast, we reach out to one person out there who feels less alone. Be a part of our community and let's grow together!

Beautiful You by Avantika

I am Avantika, a mental health advocate and the host of a mental wellness podcast Beautiful You. You can find us on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and you can sign up for our weekly Newsletter as well! Through my content, I hope to build a safe community and help someone out there feel less alone. Join us to be a part of our community and let's grow together!

Profile artwork for Avantika Bharad
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