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Athen Chimenti

“Athen is dedicated to spreading the word about true sidereal astrology and how powerful it is at bringing clarity to people’s lives.”


About Me

Athen Chimenti uses the actual constellations in the sky - known as true sidereal astrology. Most aren't aware that 99% of the astrology systems used today do not use the actual sky.

For example, mainstream astrology might say someone's Sun is in Leo, while the Sun is actually in the sign of Cancer. True sidereal astrology uses the stars as they truly are in the visible sky.

Popular topics include:

Does astrology use the visible sky? The similarities and differences between mainstream and true sidereal astrology.

Are there 13 signs of the zodiac? Why Ophiuchus is considered to be the missing link in the zodiac.

Does astrology work? How astrology is used by astrologers and how it can be used as a tool for personal development

Upcoming yearly predictions. The major astrological events coming up and what they mean for the world. 


Athen Chimenti is an astrologer, educator, and leading expert in the field of true sidereal astrology. He is passionate about helping others gain clarity and direction in their lives using this nature-based form of astrology.

Athen has helped more than five thousand people from around the world gain clarity through his astrology readings. He has taught more than a hundred astrologers to become professionals in the field and thousands more through his video course. After over a decade of working with true sidereal, he now teaches astrology to audiences around the world alongside his online contributions.

Dissatisfied with modern astrology's disconnection from the natural world, Athen reintroduced the sky-based system ignored for thousands of years. He is dedicated to spreading the word about this timeless system and how powerful it is at bringing clarity and direction to peoples lives.

Athen has a YouTube channel with a community of more than seventy-thousand subscribers and close to ten million views. He produced the leading video on how to read a birth chart with over a million views forming the cornerstone of his free online resources. He regularly appears on YouTube, podcasts, and other online channels to help spread the word about true sidereal astrology.

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Profile artwork for Athen Chimenti
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