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Ashley Ryan

“Ashley Ryan/Pythian Priestess is a podcast host, a practitioner of the occult and witchcraft, and an award-winning screenwriter/producer”


About Me

Ashley, who is also known as Pythian Priestess, is a personality who illuminates the little-understood aspects of philosophy, theology, history, and Western esotericism. 

Ashley has been a partitioner of the occult for over half her life working with candle magick, Tarot Cards, and Ceremonial Magick. After earning her BA in Philosophy and Theology, she was a professional ghost hunter/tour guide for two years. In 2019, Ashley began her online occult identity as her alter-ego “Pythian Priestess” garnering thousands of followers and international press. 

In high-quality, accessible segments, she boils down obscure subjects, practices, and ideologies into easy-to-understand stories and How-Tos appealing to young witches and experiencedpractitioners alike. Pythian Priestess is the big witchy sister you never had.. 

Ashley (The Priestess) has been practicing esotericism for many years and is currently studying High Magick. She has been a TV writer and producer for the past several years, Ashley enjoys applying her professional skills to inform and enlighten.

Ashley creates content about outsiders. She purposefully writes and creates multifaceted and unlikeable characters because she believes viewers deserve to watch characters that are as complicated as they are.

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Profile artwork for Ashley Ryan
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