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Arthur O'Meara

“Arthur O'Meara is a national-level speaker, trainer, and consultant for Free Trade Agreements, Supply Chain Security, and Import / Export.”


About Me

Arthur O'Meara is a national-level speaker, trainer, and consultant, and one of only two ICC-Certified Incoterms® Trainers in the U.S. He is a licensed customs broker with an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago and has completed the ICC's Incoterms® Masterclass in France. He brings with him more than 26 years' experience in international trade compliance management.

His consultancy, O’Meara & Associates, focuses on the development of compliance programs and training tailored for the corporate environment in the areas of:

- Import & Export Compliance

- Supply Chain Security

- HTS classification

- Free Trade Agreements

- Domestic & International Negotiations

Mr. O'Meara is the author of Making Money with Incoterms® 2020: Strategic Use of Incoterms Rules in Purchases and Sales.

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Global Trade Training & Consulting - O'Meara & Associates

Navigating Global Trade & Compliance. International Import Export Training & Consulting. Proven Strategies and Expertise in Trade Compliance.

Profile artwork for Arthur O'Meara
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