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Annette Ferguson

“Profit First™ Coaching and Accounting Services for online service-based entrepreneurs”


About Me

Annette Ferguson is a chartered accountant, Certified Profit First Professional, profit mentor, and income strategist. Annette is also known as “TheMoneyMagician” who helps 6/7/8 figure service-based entrepreneurs and business owners find clarity in their numbers, increase their wealth and take more money home from their business for them and their family to enjoy. She is also the CEO of Annette&Co.

For the first 5 years (outof11years) in running her business, Annette was not taking home the money she should have been for the revenue level of the business and began resenting it. She reached her enough-is-enough moment with it and transformed it from a business that was contributing next to nothing to her family to becoming the sole breadwinner 18 months later; taking care of financial control of her business and paying in a consistent and reliable income each and every month. Her business profit turnaround started when she developed a robust and implementable Profit Plan. Annette created the UncoverWealth Community, she is the host and coach of this exclusive free group and community which supports (primarily) serviced-based business owners to uncover the wealth hidden within their business.

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Profile artwork for Annette Ferguson
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