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Annette Anthony

“My debut, Always Enough, A Global Food Memoir, provides 160 recipes inspired by my storied life in Africa, Europe, and America.”


About Me

Annette Anthony is the author of Always Enough, A Global Food Memoir, her debut book.

Always Enough is about family, travel, the anchors of memory, the crossroads of culture and cuisine, the poetry of food, RESILIENCE, and more. As the 15 March Booklist review stated, " Readers seeking traditional recipes may be disappointed, but those seeking adventure at the crossroads of cultures will certainly not."

In her debut, Annette weaves her passion for food's connectivity with her fascinating personal odyssey through the U.S., Europe, and Africa. From Philadelphia to Paris and other shores, her storied cookbook imparts the warmth and know-how of recipes and remembrances from her American childhood family tables and her life outside the U.S. Always Enough offers 160 recipes inspired by her experiences, good and bad, on three continents and shares how she found her way into cultures and adapted through kitchens and food.

A Philadelphia native, she grew up around the U.S. as part of a military family and, over the past three decades, has lived outside of the U.S. in Europe and Africa and traveled further afield. Always Enough celebrates her upbringing and how it facilitated entry into other cultures and cuisines. An intrepid home chef, she is passionate about the power of food to represent our personal odysseys and history, connect cultures, and enrich our lives.

This debut book's combination of good food and good stories:

  • fosters confidence to tackle new recipes,
  • tempers the realities of time constraints, lack of know-how, and wanting good food, to inspire even the most hesitant beginner to cook and
  • offers the author's culinary USP recipe format with its broad appeal, which also captures the robust market for sustainable, healthy eating; the recipes are plant—and meat-eater friendly.

Annette is a Voices of Our Nation Arts (VONA) Foundation Fellow, a Hedgebrook Master Class alumna, and a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Columbia Law School. Mother, daughter of Philadelphia, American, British, businessperson, writer, civically engaged in the arts and education, Annette began her career in politics as a lawyer for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

She lives in England.

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Profile artwork for Annette Anthony
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