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Angelica Stevenson

“Divinely chosen to use the power of words and my life to help humans remember their connection to God, their purpose, powers and freedom.”


About Me

As a multi-award-winning author with a counseling heart, Angelica Stevenson provides getaways, motivation, education and entertainment with her unique writing style by skillfully intertwining life lessons, reality, human issues, and teachings from her signature program, Higher Connections & Communications™️, into her stories, works, teachings and presentations.Her remarkable talent is the fulfillment of a vow she made in middle school to help people with her gift after a life-saving introduction to the art of writing through an English poetry assignment.

Angelica teaches her sought after, complimented and customizable parenting secrets to assist parents in their honorary role in her guide, "Accessing The Perfect Parent WithIn Me."

Embracing her life as a stay-at-home wife, mother to seven children (six in the flesh and one by miscarriage), and homeschooler of six children, Angelica finds comfort, freedom, escape, and guidance in God, nature, studying etymology, being a universal student of life, comedy movies, and rewatching her favorite movies and TV shows.Angelica Stevenson’s mission statement is: “Walk in your Soul’s Purpose to Fulfill and Complete Your Life’s Missions with the Gifts, the Talents, and the Powers You Were Born With!”

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Angelic Expressive Connections™️

The Angelic Expressive Connections™️ YouTube Channel brings you back to God and your purpose, powers, and freedom through the 4 Expressions of: Poet. Writer. The Personalized Analytical Connector™️. The Healing Healed Mother™️. These Expressions are divinely created in Angelica Stevenson, The Connecting Angel. Listen, enjoy and become the change you want to see in your life. Disclaimer: Your use of the content on this channel, podcast or from the books, and work written by Angelica Stevenson is at your own risk. The use of this channel, podcast, content, or reading books by Angelica Stevenson does not create a professional-client relationship. The information on this channel and the books written are for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. It is your responsibility to do your research, consult, and obtain a professional for your medical, legal, financial, health, or other help that you may need for your situation. All work is copyrighted.

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Angelica Stevenson | KidGlov

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Be inspired by thieves who remind us that we all have an honor code, and it is up to us to keep it.


Welcome to divine wisdom and universal connections to help you fulfill your God Given Purpose by commanding God's Power In You. Partnered with Angelica Stevenson, The Connection Angel, who perfectly embodies the 4 Expressions of Angelic Expressive Connections™️: Poet. Writer. The Personalized Analytical Connector™️. The Healing Healed Mother™️  As she lives to fulfill her own purpose of helping people to remember their connection to God through her natural gifts of writing, analytics, connections, counseling, and relatable communication.

Profile artwork for Angelica Stevenson
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