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“Spiritual Sage helping empaths facing challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, struggling with boundaries, and attracting negative energies.”


About Me

An Old Soul on a quest to bring Peace and harmony to the world filled in Chaos. Practicioner of Wu Wei, acting by not acting, not allowing thoughts and emotions to impact the perceived reality to open the doors of limitless possibilities.

Nothing is out of reach and everything is possible.

I have a diverse educational background, delving into psychology, clinical dietetics, personal training, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, Silva Method techniques, career coaching, and business coaching. My quest for sustainable solutions led me to the guidance of mentors like Vipassana teachers, Buddhist monks, Catholic exorcists, shamans, Shaolin monks, and Tao masters.

With over 7,000 hours dedicated to meditation and 600 hours conducting training sessions, I've discovered that transforming your life lies in altering your energy. My approach encapsulates the essence of vast experience and learning.


Ayahuasca Exploration: Embarked on a transformative Ayahuasca journey, delving into the depths of consciousness.

Meditation Immersion: Spent multiple 10-day meditation camps in serene silence, honing the art of stillness and observing the dance of breath.

Shamanic Ventures: Since the age of 18, I've been navigating the realms of Shamanic 3rd eye travels, unlocking the mysteries of the unseen.

Shaolin Aspirations: Currently enrolled in online courses from the Shaolin Monastery, with plans to venture to the hallowed grounds in winter to pen down the wisdom in a forthcoming book.

Winter Fasting Challenge: Undertook an 11-day fasting journey, embracing the raw power of the human body to heal thyself and know oneself.

Mountain Conquest in Shorts: Conquered a challenging mountain in the heart of winter, clothed only in shorts. A daring dance with nature's forces to test one's limits

Talking Points

  • Everything related to Soul and Spirit
  • Everything related to health and longevity
  • Everything related to mind and Ego
  • Everything related to Awareness and reality
  • Everything related to God and Religion
  • Everything related to Astral, past incarnations, 3rd eye, angels, demons , etc

What will you get working with me?

  • I will post the podcast and shorts across all my media accounts(Currently 4k but i hired Social manager hence this number will grow fast.)
  • The best short video will be promoted as Ad.
  • I will give you Five stars on all Podcast platforms.

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Profile artwork for andrzej kozlowski
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