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Amy Wood

“Banter. Brilliance. Be meaty. I feel like that is what every podcast guest should bring to a show.”


About Me

Amy Wood is an accomplished writer, speaker, and marketing strategist with more than two decades of international experience in product and service marketing and strategic planning.

In 2015, Amy established Flint Avenue as a dynamic software development and marketing firm headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, situated within the Innovation Hub at Texas Tech University. Amy actively engages with her local entrepreneurship community, contributing her expertise to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, serving as a mentor for the Texas Tech Innovation Hub, and founding the empowering women's group, Lady Leaders of Lubbock, which has now grown to over 300 members. Furthermore, Amy is an advocate for small businesses in Washington, D.C., where she has played pivotal roles in both the leadership and technology councils of the National Association of Small Business (NASB). In recognition of her dedication, she will be honored to serve on the Board of Trustees starting in 2024.

Amy and her husband, Carl, are fun loving adventure junkies who travel the world on a mission to meet locals and get invited to dinner.

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