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Ameya Duprey

“I help postpartum mamas fully heal from birth naturally, so they can stop feeling exhausted all the time.”


About Me

I'm an Ayurvedic postpartum doula (AyurDoula) on a mission to educate pregnant/postpartum mamas, as well as birth professionals, on simple, natural, postpartum care practices that are a total game-changer for postpartum healing and recovery.

I am a board certified Ayurvedic practitioner, certified massage therapist, and AyurDoula, and have been helping natural mamas fully heal from birth since 2011. I am the author of the Ayurvedic postpartum cookbook Mama's Menu: Ayurvedic Recipes for Postpartum Healing, my blog, as well as the creator of the postpartum recovery program Fully Healed Mama.

In our society, the perinatal journey is mostly focused on prenatal care and the birth, with little support available to mothers after they give birth - when they need it most. Many physical and mental health problems can be avoided by following simple principles that will bring your body back into balance after birth.

I would love to teach your audience the foundational principles of postpartum healing so our new mamas can fully heal from birth, get their energy back, and be more present in their lives.

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Profile artwork for Ameya Duprey
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