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For the past 22 years we have worked with committed self-published and traditionally published authors who understand today’s market requires a strategic book promotion plan that focuses on long-term success.

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Current Authors:

NonFiction - Business Leadership

Don Thomas - "A Pirate's Guide to Strategic Leadership"

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NonFiction - Finance/Widower

Mary Donahue - "On Your Own"

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NonFiction - Los Angeles History/Suburbs

Becky Nicolaides - " The New Suburbia"

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NonFiction - Politics/Economics

Eric Wade - "America vs. Americans"

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NonFiction - Business/Strategic Planning, Sales Leadership

Dayna Williams - "The Diligence Fix"

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NonFiction - Music Industry Memoir

Linda Chadwick - "On the Road"

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Fiction - Children's Picture Book/Grief & Loss

Courtney Haydell - "When the Red Bird Flies"

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