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Amanda Quick

“Amanda Quick: intl bestselling author of her memoir "The Sex Trafficker's Wife", Quantum Energy Healer & coach, speaker, and channel.”


About Me

Hi! I'd love to be a guest on your show and share my story with your audience. 

I am an international bestselling author, mother to three boys, wife, Quantum Energy Healer & Coach, Speaker, and Spiritual Channel. 

My memoir "The Sex Trafficker's Wife", released January 10 2023. In it I share the biggest trauma of my life, when my ex-husband was arrested for Attempted Human Trafficking in 2016. 

That event was a pivotal moment that changed everything for me. It was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that taught me how vital it was to take back my power, and fight for myself and my children. 

I have also recently founded a new non-profit, The Golden Haven Foundation, whose mission is to help people who are fighting for custody from their abusers or their children's abusers find safety in themselves so they can create safety in their external reality. 

I also run a healing and coaching business that combines quantum physics with spirituality to empower everyone to create the life of their dreams. 

It's time to share my story with the world and I would love for your audience to be a part of that!

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Profile artwork for Amanda Quick
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