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Allison Liu

“Empowering men and women to get their brain younger, healthier and stronger to prevent Alzheimer's, dementia and memory loss.”


About Me

Hi there! I'm a certified Brain Health Coach based in beautiful West Sussex in the UK. I'm married and love all things health and wellness - especially brain health!

I'm a qualified Health Coach, having trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and further specialised as a Brain Health Professional and Brain Health Licensed Trainer with the Amen University.

I offer both in-person and virtual services and work with clients from all over the world. My services include: cognitive assessments, personalised plans, accountability, online content, group and bespoke health coaching.

My specialties include working with those with early warning signs of memory loss and those with a family history of Alzheimer's or dementia, helping them to turn their fear of the future into hope by making intentional decisions every day that will help to protect their brain for the rest of their life. But they don't only reap the benefits in the future; by optimising the function of their brain now they are less anxious, have an improved mood and are able to think more clearly.

I'm passionate about inspiring, empowering and supporting men and women to protect the most valuable asset they own - their brain. I would love to connect with others to share the message that people are not stuck with the brain they have - they can make it better and it's never too early or too late to start.

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Profile artwork for Allison Liu
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