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Alicia Johnson

“I help communities and organizations prepare, respond, and recover from disasters.”


About Me

When disaster strikes and the unthinkable happens, governments, businesses, and organizations turn to Alicia Johnson.

Alicia is an Emergency Manager, Community Preparedness Expert, and Founder and CEO of Two Lynchpin Road. With 20 years of on-the-ground experience, she offers an essential, nuanced perspective on emergency preparedness and disaster resilience. 

Alicia has served as an expert to NATO, built White House-recognized preparedness resources, and responded to countless disasters from wildfires to chemical spills to earthquakes and active shooters. 

When Alicia is not skillfully managing emergencies, she can be found taking photographs and planning her next travel adventure. (6 countries, 45 states, and counting.)

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Profile artwork for Alicia Johnson
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