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Alexis Kingsbury

“In 2021, I worked with 50+ small businesses to understand what holds them back from systemizing & scaling up. I think I've found the answer.”


About Me

Hi there, I'm Alexis!

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, with over 10 years of experience, currently running two SaaS businesses (AirManual and Spidergap) with a remote and global team. I also support others as a board member and consultant/coach (e.g. Sony Interactive Entertainment).

I’ve seen first-hand that in most businesses, it takes a huge amount of time to get employees up to full speed. So, at AirManual, we give teams a faster and more effective way of sharing their processes and onboarding. Employees are onboarded quicker, make fewer mistakes, and free up hundreds of hours of leadership time.

Recently, I've been talking to a lot of other business owners to understand what holds them back from systemizing their businesses to save them time and allow them to grow (and what has worked for others!). I've been sharing my findings, and it’s had a huge impact on many businesses. For example, I won the ‘Most valued content’ award in 2021 for my workshop at Dan Bradbury’s Success Mastermind (a community of 60+ small business owners), which led to over 30 business owners adopting the tools and processes recommended.

I’m a husband, and dad of two, and I’m passionate about balancing work alongside family life (and I make sure my team does too!) I also enjoys craft beer, whisky, skiing, skateboarding, dancing, gaming, golf, touch rugby and squash.

I've also been featured on a number of podcasts, such as:

  • AskDPros Business Show with Kesiena Aaron-Efe

  • The Geeky Group with Phil Crowshaw

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Profile artwork for Alexis Kingsbury
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