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Alexandra Dotcheva

“Classical violinist turned registered nurse, investor, martial artist, health freak, and author. I am a successful holistic-life advocate.”


About Me

Alexandra Dotcheva, DMA, RN, came to the United States in 2000 and received her doctorate in violin from the Louisiana State University in 2007. She joined the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra in 2006, and in 2008, prompted by the economic crisis, she decided to pursue a career in nursing at the St. Joseph’s College of Nursing in Syracuse, NY. For her academic and clinical performance she was awarded the John Trzeciak Award in 2010, and the Stella Sroka Award for Excellence in Cardiac Nursing and the Esther G. McCarty Memorial Scholarship in 2011 upon graduation. Dotcheva has been practicing as a registered nurse since 2011. Her nursing experience includes ICU, orthopedic trauma, and home care. In 2014, she began her investing career with a focus on rental real estate and, later on, options trading. She is currently a full-time home care nurse and owner of three real estate businesses. 

Dotcheva’s passion for health, martial arts, fitness, and financial independence, as well as her experience with the challenges of cultural integration inspired her to write the book, It Really Is Simple: A Holistic Approach to Self-Confidence – A Practical Guide, in which she shares her journey to success with the intention to inspire many others to embrace change and pursue their dreams, in spite of fear and insecurity.

In the Book:

Based entirely on the author’s experience with overcoming a twenty-year-long history of low self-esteem and poor self-confidence, this practical guide includes insights on how to approach our lives holistically by elevating the essential life components that determine who we are and who we want to become. You will learn:

·      How to Assess Your Current Life Situation and Create Concrete Goals

·      How to Teach Your Mind to Embrace Challenges

·      How to Develop an Action Plan in All Areas That Are Crucial to Your Success

·      The Importance of Keeping Yourself in Excellent Health at All Times and Understanding the Healthcare System

·      How to Adopt a Healthy Diet and Exercise Regimen Without Compromises

·      How to Keep Your Body Free of Toxins

·      How to Integrate Spirituality Into Your Daily Activities

·      How to Become a Role Model in Your Career by Adopting a Strong Work Ethic and a Mindset of Helping Others

·      How to Attain Full Control Over Your Finances

·      How to Expand Your Financial Base Once You Have Attained Control Over Your Money Habits

·      How to Determine What Types of People Have a Place in Your Life

·      Mind-Training Techniques for Lasting Success

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Profile artwork for Alexandra Dotcheva
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