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Alexander Hutchison

“Exercise physiologist and sports science expert interested in talking about anything related to sports performance and health/wellness.”


About Me

Dr. Alexander Hutchison is a fitness and wellness expert in Dallas, Texas. He earned a PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Houston, and completed an NIH-funded post-doctoral fellowship in HIV-AIDS immunology at the UT Health Science Center in Houston. He is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cellular Physiology. He reviews for several peer-reviewed journals in exercise science, nutrition, and immunology. As an athlete, Alexander was a member of two NAIA national championship swim teams at the University of Puget Sound (95-96) and qualified for the world age group championships in triathlon in 2005 and met the qualifying standard for the Olympic weightlifting age group World Championships in 2019. He has also coached numerous athletes to successful finishes in Ironman triathlons and qualifying times for the Boston Marathon. He has written three books: Exercise Ain't Enough, The Swim Prescription, and In Defense of Doping.

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Profile artwork for Alexander Hutchison
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