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Alex Agboola

“A 13-year old full-stack web developer passionate about the innovations in tech and AI and has certified experience in Generative AI.”


About Me

Hi, I'm Alex Agboola, a 13-year-old full-stack web developer with a deep passion for technology innovations and artificial intelligence. I hold certifications in generative AI and am enthusiastic about sharing my insights.

As a full-stack web developer, I enjoy creating dynamic and innovative web solutions. My work spans both front-end and back-end development, and I am always eager to take on new challenges and learn new technologies. My certified experience in generative AI allows me to understand and implement advanced AI techniques, making my projects both cutting-edge and highly functional.

I love exploring new technologies and keeping up with advancements in artificial intelligence. My enthusiasm for tech is not just limited to my projects; it extends to a genuine curiosity and excitement for learning. This unique perspective as a young developer allows me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table, making tech discussions more relatable and engaging for a diverse audience.

I have even created a podcast called "AI With Alex" which is dedicated to AI and my opinions on the technology. I have talked to a variety of guest to learn and share my knowledge on AI.

I am available for podcast recordings on weekends. You can reach me at [email protected] to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Profile artwork for Alex Agboola
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