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Alain Dumonceaux

“We are the heroes of our lives. Learn how to equip yourself as you embark on your hero’s quest and return as a better man because of it.”


About Me

It is said there are three ways we learn wisdom. The first is through reflection (noblest), the second through imitation (easiest) and finally through experience (bitterest). Regardless of how we gain our wisdom, the lessons learned only become embodied when we can recognize the connection between wisdom and purpose. 

That journey requires us to unpack some uncomfortable stuff which only the brave are willing to do. So, what is my uncomfortable stuff? Well, let’s see… fighting the imposter syndrome, rebuilding my life after divorce and bankruptcy, restoring my identity after almost losing my second marriage, and then embodying life’s experiences thru living with purposeful action.

Today, I live as a conscious and centred man. I inspire men to live purposefully in everything they do and are. Through mentoring, teaching and guiding men to live the highest vision of themselves they then begin serving the highest and best for themselves, their families and their communities. We are men of passion, purpose, and power. 

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Profile artwork for Alain Dumonceaux
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