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Afi Bell

“Who do you know sick & tired of being impaired from Epilepsy? I'm Afi with Epilepsy, who can show how to overcome your challenges & Live...”


About Me

Do u know someone sick & tired of having Epilepsy whose life is impaired? Do you know someone who has a limited life because they can't drive? Do you know someone with Epilepsy whose life has been impaired? Whose encouragement is shattered and they just need to find a new purpose?

Hi, I'm Afi Bell, an Epileptic lady. There are many famous people with Epilepsy. I can show you how to live the life of your dreams, have the things you deserve, be able to overcome your challenges, and live a life of victory and success.

I have a link in the chat to my book & would love to help you be able to learn how to come and speak for your company. I can share the revenue with you and bring awareness to your company. So we can bring awareness to both of our causes together.

If you want to bring revenue to your company, I do paid speaking positions where I share the revenue with you. As you help bring awareness to my cause, I help bring awareness to yours.

. I can show how to overcome your challenges

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Profile artwork for Afi Bell
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