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Adeena Mignogna

“From physicist to Mission Architect—basically, aerospace's Gandalf. Writes sci-fi, talks robots & aliens, co-hosts The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast.”


About Me

I'm a physicist and astronomer by degree, but have worked in the aerospace engineering/satellite industry as a software and systems engineer (and manager) since the 90s. I'm a science fiction author with four books, The Robot Galaxy Series, available and my 5th, Lunar Logic, available for pre-order.

My blog is an intersection of science and science fiction with a dose of humor. I love to talk to people about space, astronomy, and physics and help get people excited about these concepts. (I especially love to talk to college students and early career professionals.)

I'm a co-host of The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast.

...and a mom of young boys. ...and I have a 1000 other hobbies and interests and I simply love to talk to people!

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Sci-fi author; STEM Speaker; Software/Systems Engineer; Trekkie; Mom; Geek

Profile artwork for Adeena Mignogna
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