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Adam Mitchell

“I teach men how to raise confident, resilient and safe kids; a calling that came from a lifelong journey in the traditional Japanese arts.”


About Me

BACKGROUND: I grew up on the streets and ran with a very bad group of young people, in and out of jail and generally living a life of violence and rebellion. I had more than thirty mail boxes before I was twenty, dropped out of school and spent more time in cuffs than I care to recall. It all led to being stabbed nine times and left to die.

Several years later, I found myself meditating in a small Dojo, two hours outside of Tokyo, Japan. My passion for martial arts had saved my life, channeling my anger into something meaningful. I fought competitively for four years, but was called further into the spiritual dimensions within the wrold of classical warrior arts. The darkness became very light as years passed under the watchful eye of my Sensei.

TODAY: 30 years have passed. I have spent much of my life between New York and Japan. For twenty four years, I have run a successful, non-profit Dojo in New York, where I teach my Sensei's art to students from all over the world.

As a father of four children, I began a program in 2006 that works specifically with men struggling to help their children grow to become confident, resilient and safe young people; all the reasons a parent enrolls their kid in a Dojo - all the things I needed as a kid. In the summer of 2017, that program formally became Close Quarter Dad

Close Quarter Dad is a program where I coach men on the three fundamental areas of teaching safety to their children. Within our community of 4,500 men and growing, I host retreats, workshops and the Internet Child Safety Summit each year.

GOING FORWARD: I am ambitious about sharing and expanding conversations on topics including

  • Safety of children and families
  • Men's issues centered family and child safety
  • Abduction safety and awareness
  • Urban and Wilderness safety and loss prevention
  • Violence among children, within communities and schools
  • Last Resort and Scenario based training for families.

Separately, I am passionate about the topics of Traditional Martial Arts from Japan and how they relate to today's human journey and potential.

  • The critical need for mindfulness practice among men today, kakusei-mushin
  • Convergence of the Way, from tradition into modern, onko chishin
  • Martial arts, directing inner peace and directing outward force, seishin teki kyoyo
  • Ninjas ... I can talk about Ninja, (you might not like what I say though. Try me)
  • The purpose of traditional martial arts versus combat sport or reality based combatives

I welcome having a conversation about the many areas that the pursuit of tradition has guided me to serve many others. I look forward to connecting.


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