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The Winners Paradigm

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“I help people recalibrate their mindset so they can achieve their definition of success. We find ways to win in all aspects of life!”

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About the show

The Winners Paradigm is simply re-calibrating your mind to mirror the level of success you manifest. In this Podcast, we dive deep into the psychology of successful individuals and apply their applications/lessons in order to better our craft. Whether you’re seasoned in your career path or are a newcomer to entrepreneurship/your career this is the podcast that gives you those tools to succeed at the next level. Join me, Alundas Havens on my journey through entrepreneurship in which I discuss my trials and tribulations. The question really is, how much longer are you going to stand mediocrity and unfulfillment before you decide it’s time to go all in? Support this podcast:

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Profile artwork for The Winners Paradigm
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