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“I love to have conversations with top entrepreneurs about their journey so we can educate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs”

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About the show

The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, author, and book publishing coach Mayowa Ajisafe, will dig deep into the amazing stories of passion, tenacity, and winning against the odds, as well as traits, values, and beliefs that drive entrepreneurs to create an independent life on their own terms so all of us can learn from them, get inspired and get that motivational juice flowing at all times.

At its core, The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast is about building a more resilient world through entrepreneurship by educating and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Right now, we're looking for top entrepreneurs who have started a 6,7, or 8-figure online business from scratch to talk about their stories, the challenges, and struggles of  building something from nothing.

Every episode is carefully crafted to open our guests up to share their stories, their wins, the lessons they have picked up along their entrepreneurial journey, and the strategies and tactics they are taking advantage of to get ahead in life and business.

As a guest, you get the added benefit of having your stories, expertise, and experience featured in our periodic multi-author Amazon best-selling books.

With this, you can leverage the audience of other amazing entrepreneurs like you to build your credibility, amplify your reach, meet new awesome people like you and get more leads and clients for your business.

If you have built a successful business out of what you love or are passionate about and have stories that inspire, motivate and educate to share, then we look forward to having you as our next guest on the show.

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Profile artwork for The Six Fugure Entrepreneur Podcast
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