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The Queer Spirit

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“Conversations with artists, healers & activists who enliven, heal & empower the LGBT/Queer+ communities”

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About the show

The Queer Spirit podcast has bi-weekly conversations with artists, healers and activists who enliven, heal and empower the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Queer+ communities. I'm Nick Venegoni, MA, a holistic psychotherapist who supports all queer people to thrive and heal. Each week I'll be interviewing a different guest who does work in the world to nourish the Queer Spirit in us all - authors, coaches, teachers, body workers, mystics, creatives, ritualists, diviners and MORE. We'll dive deep into sexuality, spirituality, yoga, energy work, shamanism, healing trauma, relationships, art, activism, gender identity, tarot, astrology, and magic. Hear how other queer folks have healed themselves and be inspired to continue your path to wholeness.

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Profile artwork for The Queer Spirit
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