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“Each episode encourages the listener to imagine how different their life could look if they embraced their dreams and took the scarier path.”

Self-Improvement Mental Health

About the show

This is a weekly podcast, pre-recorded (with minimal editing) via Zoom, in audio and video. Episodes are typically 20-30 minutes.

I'm Looking For

Interesting guests with that little "something different" to help listeners and viewers see the world from new angles

  • What was YOUR "If only I could do..." moment?
  • How did you draw the courage and strength to make it happen?

I'm looking out for new and interesting perspectives, experiences, and stories which we can share, from which we can draw inspiration, and which encourage is to consider how differently our own life can turn out.

I'm not looking for

To save time, here's a couple of things I'm not looking for -

  • People sharing how they help people conquer fears or overcome mindset blocks or other mindset / NLP / hypnosis type of work (to be fair, that's what I already do, so, you know...)
  • Religious, spiritual, or more esoteric approaches to life (no "law of attraction", "manifesting", "energy" etc).

Nothing wrong with any of those if they are your thing, it's just not what this show is about.

Promoting Your Episode

If we do record an episode together, I ask that you help to promote it far and wide - fair's fair after all!

Share it with your people.

Post about it across the Socials. And not necessarily just the once - your episode will be available for all eternity (well, for the foreseeable future anyway, no plans to take them down), so feel free to re-share from time to time.

I will, of course, promote it across all my socials, but look at it as a joint venture - the more we both promote, the better for us both.

I'm not bothered how many fans or connections you have, big or small doesn't really matter, as long as you are happy to help promote.

I'll give you the links and some images to help.

Promoting Your Stuff

I get it - most of us are in this to make a living, so of course, we do need to promote our wares from time to time.

That's all cool - in the show I will always ask how people can get in touch with you, and as many links as you want (well, within reason I guess, probably would baulk at including 500 links!) to your socials and websites etc are included in the show notes on your episode's page - and yes, the are DO FOLLOW links of course, none of this naughty "nofollow" nonsense here!

And, provided it is relevant, we can even make passing reference to a book or a course or something similar you might have - the key being if it is relevant.

It's not a 30 minute sales pitch, it's not a full length advert, but if you have something which explores what we've discussed in more depth, then of course we can mention that in the episode so interested listeners and viewers can find out more.

And if you don't want to promote anything in the episode? That's absolutely cool too!


So, if you think you have an interesting angle or story or experience to share, which fits in with the above, then drop me a line, pitch your angle, and let's chat.

(You'll have a far better chance if you give me your specific pitch - go for it! Tell me what you feel we could discuss on this show, what you feel people will get from it, and why my audience would want to hear it)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Be aware that I get a lot of people asking to guest (most of them ignore what I've written - if you've read all this then you are a lot closer to getting on!), so sometimes it takes me longer to get back to you - sorry!

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Profile artwork for The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
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