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The Josh Boone Show

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“Raw, long form conversations with the world’s most unique thinkers, deconstructing our society, psychology, and purpose.”

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About the show

Conversations on life, purpose, and growth – where nothing is off-limits.

We dive into topics across business, society, and philosophy that so many crave but so few are willing to take the risk of publically exploring themselves.

It's very much in the spiritual vein of Joe Rogan – it has that "fly on the wall" feeling for the audience like they are listening in on us having a conversation at a bar. We're opening up and getting to know each other in the process.

"Josh Boone has this "If Charlie Rose and Socrates had a love child" quality to the way he engages people." Sam McNerney, Applied Behavioral Scientist

Some general topics I love to explore:

  • What is your life's purpose? What are you optimizing for in your life?
  • Marketing, startups, and life as an entrepreneur.
  • Stress, burnout, work/life balance, and how to cope.
  • Neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness, and psychology.
  • Mental health, depression, ADHD, bipolar, and anxiety.
  • Longevity, functional medicine, and nootropics.
  • Web3, crypto, blockchain, and decentralization.
  • Current events, politics (with no agenda), and societal trends,
  • Propaganda, conspiracy theories, and "mental viruses."
  • The global disruptions ahead (climate change, life extension, space capitalism, AI, UBI, etc.)
  • Relationships, dating, and polyamory (ethical non-monogamy).
  • Travel, digital nomads, and remote work. 🏖
  • Everything weird. 👁‍🗨
  • Tea 🍵

But the primary interest is: do you have something you can teach me? Are you an expert in something obscure, and/or have a unique perspective on life? Are you willing to be raw, weird, and vulnerable with me?

Then let's chat 🤙

My approach to politics.

While the show isn't about the day-to-day news cycle, we may naturally veer into current events and what's happening in the world just like you would with friends over drinks. Some important points:

  • I have no political affiliation and take a fairly politically neutral "outside observer" perspective. My view is all "sides", most politicians and media outlets are largely corrupt, tribalistic, self-interested, and short-term thinking.
  • I'm down to chat with people from any ideological perspective. In fact, I welcome it. That's how we grow.
  • This is a show about nuance, and when it comes to politics: exploring the mechanisms, incentives, and levers of control. We're here to share and understand each other's perspectives, not argue like some mainstream news show.
  • So if you're coming at things from a black and white perspective, looking to militantly preach on a soapbox, this ain't your show yo. ✌️

"I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this one. You were a great host. I felt energized after we talked instead of drained like I have with many podcasts." – Seth Erickson, Founder of Storify

About Josh:

  • Multi-generational entrepreneur, with 20 years of marketing and leadership experience.
  • Founded a 7 figure award-winning marketing agency.
  • After exiting his agency, he took 2 years off to travel the US in an RV.
  • Currently runs a consultancy as a strategist and advisor to eCommerce brands and founders.
  • He lives in Dayton, Ohio with his fiancée, dog, and their extremely weird cat.


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Profile artwork for The Josh Boone Show
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