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“Quality conversations to save our listeners money, time, knowledge and SANITY. We're interested in your book, business or online course.”

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About the show

The Janine Bolon Show is the result of 7 years of podcasting and 300+ episodes produced.

We had four programs that were:

The Writers Hour-Creative Conversations


The Thriving Solopreneur

The Practical Mystic Show

In October of 2021 we became syndicated and now are on Radio Stations as well as broadcasting our programs to 47 different platforms. Contact us for the complete list of our broadcasting platforms.

We are a "pay-to-play" media group due to the volume of promotion and marketing our 7 teams of pre- and post-production staff do for you and your message.

We require that you take our media kit course so that we have images, bios and useable links for our broadcasting, promotional and marketing efforts.

We take off $100 from our fee since you are a member. If you book with us here:

Meet us on Open Friday Coffee Chat

Here is our incremental pricing structure for our programs.

The Janine Bolon Show

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Profile artwork for The Janine Bolon Show
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