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“Ethical Influence & persuasion skills for life & business. The show to help you grow your public profile and develop your charisma.”

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About the show

Speaking Influence is in the global top 10% of podcasts and heading higher. I'm looking for guests with something to add to the conversation, so make sure you read this before contacting me. Currently booking guests for summer 2022.

Influence and persuasion are the weapons of leadership and success but do you understand how to wield them and make them work for you or defend yourself against them?

Whether you're using your influence to persuade through a speech, online content, a story, marketing copy, personal branding, cult recruitment (not recommended), stand up comedy, leading a business or leading a country... you need to understand how influence and persuasion work and how to make them work for you and make sure they're not working against you.

The most common areas to see influence and persuasion at work are in public speaking and presenting, such as political and legal arenas, but they affect all of us in all parts of our life. As soon as we engage with someone, pick up our mobile, turn on the TV or computer, we're either influencing and persuading others or subject to the influence and persuasion of others.

My mission is to empower people to understand and utilise influence and persuasion skills within an ethical framework to help improve people's lives and make the world a better place. So often, we see how influence and persuasion are being used to manipulate and sway people, creating division and sometimes even inciting hate. Let's use the art of rhetoric to improve the world and put the tools of leadership into the hands of everyone, not just self-serving elites.

Join me for fun chats, serious chats and always educational and interesting guests. You will always come away from the show having learned something valuable and having had some fun with industry experts and exceptional people from week to week.

I only accept people with expertise and relevant experience as guests. Generic pitches will get generic responses.

I'm not interested in speaking with your booking agent or assistant, so please message me yourself.

Use the word 'slippery' in your message, so I know you have read my profile.

You must be able to demonstrate why you'd be a great guest and beneficial to my audience.

Automated messages are usually binned without response.

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Profile artwork for Speaking Influence
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