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“Simple Beauty is a High-Energy Show! With Segments that Stretch from topics from Beauty, Entertainment News and also Self Reflection!”

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Simple Beauty the Podcast is a 5 Star Rated Apple Podcast

There isn't enough discussion on Inner Beauty! Simple Beauty Podcast is a Place where we all come and take a Break from the Mundane!

Your Host Miss August dives into a Topic on "Beauty Is In" exploring her opinions on everything you Can Imagine Inner & Outer Beauty Personifies! Also, Give a Take on the Latest Entertainment Hot Topics with "Unicorn Tales". But don't quote me because I get "3rd handed" Information! lol While Ending with everyone's favorite Segment called "What Burns Me Up". We Laugh, Cry, most of all Inner Beauty is Personified!

Remember You Cant Put Makeup on Inner Beauty! However,

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Profile artwork for Simple Beauty Podcast
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