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Profile artwork for Season 3 of the "Is That SOO?" podcast

Season 3 of the "Is That SOO?" podcast

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“Currently looking for expert Guests to come on the show to discuss anything regarding Shadow Work and Jungian philosophies on Spirituality.”

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About the show

"Is That SOO?" with the Nocturnal Therapist

This is a safe space to present questions and have a casual dialogue about life. I am not your expert. Only you can be that. Here, we share our triumphs and challenges together as we embrace all of our humanness, and address the real problems everyday people face.

“Is That SOO?” is a double entendre, in that it has two meanings. “Is That SOO?” represents the School of Outliers and the practice of equanimity, or the practice of developing inner peace.

This show invites on Guests who have made a practice of embracing their Shadows, or painful points of our life that led to limiting beliefs, and emerged with a more intimate relationship with their authentic parts of beingness. We invite you to a seat at our table if you move in love and are about Living In Truth, or being L.I.T. for life.

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Profile artwork for Season 3 of the "Is That SOO?" podcast
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